Leonard SzYmczak & Rick Broniec

Design Your Life: The Hero's Quest

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Here is What You'll Learn

How to embrace the Hero's Quest and consciously design your life.

Identify the four stages of the Hero's Quest: Call, Climb, Crash, and Crest and design a better life.

How to handle crashes.

On this third stage of the Hero's Quest, you learn how to handle crashes and any setbacks.

How to answer the call.

On the first stage of the Hero's Quest, you learn to answer the call to follow a dream, heal a wound, connect with emotions, build a relationship, or find your purpose.

How to celebrate when you reached the crest.

On the final stage of the Hero's Quest, you arrive at the crest to celebrate your victories and savor the view. Here, you review the lessons learned and inspire others to follow their own dreams.

How to climb your personal mountain.

On the second stage of the Hero's Quest, you begin a climb that tests your inner strength. You learn to grow character, overcome challenging beliefs, and connect with climbing buddies.

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About Leonard and Rick

Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW is a writer, speaker, therapist, and life coach. He has been in the forefront of men’s health in Australia and America for 35 years. He’s an award-winning author of four books and conducts seminars and has a therapy practice.

Rick Broniec, MEd. is a writer, speaker and coach. He has been a leader of men’s trainings since 1987 and has facilitated men’s personal growth workshops on five continents and eleven countries. He is an Amazon bestselling author of two books.